Fiona Lee, The Board (detail), 2009, CAST, North Hobart, Tasmania

24 August 2011


A booklet on the pineapple, specifically in Queensland and in cooking, published somewhere between 1928 and 1940. Good use, in the cover illustration, of the iconic Glass House Mountains to cradle the cornucopia of pineapple; sliced, crushed, reclining decorously. The romance of the pineapple, indeed ...

A question as an aside to the use of the Glass House Mountains in this manner: is there a particular genre of images, largely the stuff of tourist marketing and tourists' snapshots, that is unconscious of any of the varied metaphors the placement of subject against this backdrop may suggest? An example that comes to mind is a photograph by Russell Drysdale of his second wife, Maisie, the image now held in the National Gallery of Victoria. (NGV 1964) Truly a touristic sublime.

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